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History of the Book of Matthew

The first of four gospels begins here in the Book of Matthew. It is written by a Jew, to the Jews, about a Jew. The author of this Gospel is Matthew (also known as Levi),who was a tax-collector and one of the twelve apostles. He wrote this book to his countrymen about Jesus Christ. As with the other three gospels, Matthew is not an easy book to date. It is suggested that it was written between A.D. 40 and A.D. 140. This gospel has 28 chapters beginning with the genealogy of Jesus Christ and ending with HIS great commission to us, right before His resurrection. Matthew is the first book of the New Testament with it's natural bridge between the two testaments and it's emphasis on the fulfillment of the old testament prophesies. The famous "beatitudes" given in theSermon on the Mount can be found in this Gospel. Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee, Capernaum, Jerusalem and Judea are the main cities spoken of in this Gospel. Jesus' birth and early years of His life, including Mary and Joseph's escape to Egypt from the murderous Herod and their return to Nazareth can be found too. His years of ministry as He performed many miracles and spoke in parables teaches us more about Who He is and what He has done and will do for us as His Father's children. The clear message Matthew wants his readers to know is simple: Jesus is the Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords. Rejoice about His victory over death and evil and remember Jesus is Lord!!!